EKO also known as Earth Kind Originals produces casual, organic womens clothing made from natural, feel good fabrics. EKO was founded by commercial fashion designer, Helen Davies after she moved back to Cornwall. As a nature lover, she wanted to create simple designs and create a feel good philosophy behind the brand, practical styles everyday wear.  Ethical values are important.  She adopts the principles of less is more in her designs and produces a small simple range of quality timeless styles. Clothing styles including dresses, tops and trousers to celebrate all shapes and sizes.

      Fabrics: EKO use only the softest of natural fabrics including GOTS certified organic cotton, Tencel Eucalyptus jersey and natural indigo denim. The limited range  is manufactured in a small family factory in India and in Blackburn in the UK. Cotton is a natural fibre renowned for its softness, breathability and comfort next to the skin. If you buy EKO you will certainly ... ‘Feel good about what you wear.’

      We stock a wide range of EKO clothing, from Pinafore Dresses, Leisure wear, Tunics and tops. We also hold a range of different colours and indigo denim.

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