Kernow Spa

      Kernow Spa specialises in natural skincare, toiletries and home fragrance products. Their name comes from merging the Cornish word for Cornwall (KERNOW) with what their products are all about (SPA). Established in 2011, they are proud to be a small family business, and all of our products are handmade by them in Cornwall.

      Based at in the beautiful Cornish countryside at Pool near Carn Brea, they are inspired by their surroundings every day. They manufacture every single product themselves from beginning to end. This is so that they stay in control of the production process, and they do not contract out manufacturing to others.

      They use the finest oils, butters, waxes and essential oils  in their products because they want to create luxurious products.  Their skincare and toiletries contain 100% natural ingredients.  

      In our shops we have Kernow Spa Miniatures, hand & body wash, body scrubs, foot scrubs, candles & diffusers.