Pachamama began when in 1990 they started trading goods from the Andean Mountains of South America, the inspiration for their name which translates as "Earth Mother" from Quechua the ancient language of the Incas. Since 1996 they began trading in handmade wool clothing, accessories and homeware made in Nepal.

      The majority of their production is village based, with knitters supplementing their incomes from farming and fitting production around their own family and work commitments. A small number of people work in a factory environment to make hand framed knitting, to hand finish and pack our garments, and to produce a range of hand felted items. All these people work in excellent conditions and receive benefits and pay above the local standards.

      Despite the seasonal nature of our business Pachamama is committed to providing year round orders for our knitters to ensure a regular and reliable income.

      We love our Pachamama ranges and we stock everything from handwarmers, hats, gloves, head warmers, legwarmers, scarves for women, men and children.