Meet The Team


The “Whirlwind” Kirsten does the buying and has the overall vision for the business. She does have the annoying habit of leaving chaos in her wake as she’s never in one place long enough to tidy up after herself!


The 'Tidy One', if you come in after Emma the likelihood is that she has made everything look sparlie and new and always makes sure we have the best snacks in town!


The Friendly One” Always a smile, she is a dynamo when it comes to receiving and pricing deliveries and makes the St Ives shop look pretty.


The Organised One” who is the backbone of the business and Manager. She can do it all - she runs the staff rota but is often doing the picking and packing too - Mainly based in Hayle, she’s responsible for making the Hayle shop look lovely


Sara works for us every now and then and has become the hero of all things rota! Don't be surpruse to see her pop up in both our shops, helping make sure we can stay open every day!


The Funny One” who does most of our social media and is the main “Facebook Lives” presenter as she can talk about anything for hours. Often in charge of the in-store photography and occasionally in charge of the till in Hayle.