A Post Card from Brighton

      Since 2012 and the brand has grown at a rapid rate. Being stocked in all the best independent boutiques in the UK. Being worn and loved by its customers.

      They take pride in the fact that they are a small scale British manufactured brand. All their garments are made from responsibly sourced wood pulp viscose jersey. The viscose is knitted into fabric just a few miles from the factory where the garments are manufactured. They really do have a low carbon footprint. 

      They manufacture on a very small scale for their website and their independent stockists within the UK. They don't over produce and over use resources. They also repurpose the small amounts of left over fabrics, donating to the fashion students at De Montford University for them to use within their designs. 

      We stock some of Post Card's popular ranges with comfy trousers, tops and dresses.