Ula - Our Foray onto Cornwall's Shopping Channel with Roka London

This Lockdown has encouraged us to do new and experimental things. I guess there has to be some fun bits. So following on from our first facebook live event, where Charlotte ( one of our amazing ambassadors from The Palm Tree Club ) pranced around the front room in beautiful one hundred stars gowns and kimonos, last week we thought we'd step it up a  gear and presented another of our amazing brands on a proper shopping channel, The Cornwall Channel. Roka London is a brilliant brand - we were one of their first customers and as such they are enormously supportive to us as a company. Because of this, they loaned us their samples from the new range launching imminently. What did people love about the event ? People loved that they could see the proportions of the bags and see them in person in a more realistic form that many of the on line stock photos. They could also compare colours and see the different shades of pink alongside one another and of course ask questions and get real time answers. Finally of course, the special discount codes were a great bonus. Overall, we'd say, whilst outside our comfort zone, we feel the event was well received and we had a good volume of orders through. What did you think ?

We loved how Cornwall Channel did a great introduction to Ula and we spoke to a few new contacts this week who had just seen us on the Channel. You can watch the event again here: 


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